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Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Lounge

Attendees visited the SDC Lounge to relax, network and have fun.

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Google Music

Check out the Google Play Music Wall – a large LED installation comprised of over 2000 headphone jacks and dynamic visuals that showcases how Google Play Music leverages content to serve the right song for every moment.

An Insect Bar For the Globally Curious

Bugs are good for you and can taste good too! Come try sustainable and protein rich insect treats and ice cream! Which one will you choose… smooth chocolate with grasshopper chunks, fresh strawberry ice cream with cream and mealworm swirls, mixed critters in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream? Try them all and learn more about The Economist’s “Feeding the Future” campaign.

India’s first VR Music Video

This year, India’s celebrated Pop Icon and Musician DalerMehndi will unveil India’s first VR music video at SDC2017. Be sure to visit the SDC Lounge to be part of this exclusive experience.

iHeartRadio Oxygen Bar

Relax, unwind and have a seat at the iHeartRadio Oxygen bar. Experience different oxygen “flavors” and enjoy a mellow beats DJ. Be sure to enter to win tickets the iHeartRadio’s annual “Jingle Ball” concert – a nationwide event headlined by the biggest stars in music!

The VRcade

The VRcade is a fun, immersive upgrade to your average game room, filled with VR experiences from tank racing games (powered by VirZoom bikes) to a Gear 360 photo booth. Come escape reality in our VRcade!

Recharge Room

Take a break from the action. Recharge your mind, body and phone. Get rejuvenated with a free massage or take a guided VR meditation trip to a relaxing destination.