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stream.code101 at SDC 2017

Never Stop Learning

stream.code101 is an educational platform specifically created for everyone from aspiring developers to savvy experts. The platform enables anyone to understand Samsung’s mobile SDKs through a series of hands-on instructions on a variety of topics. These courses are made to be comprehensive and easily understood. Never stop learning.

The stream.code101 booth had many interactive stations:

Samsung VR:
Developing 360 Experiences for Gear VR

Learn to develop an interactive 360 experience for Gear VR in just an hour! This exclusive, hands-on lab will cover capturing your own 360 videos, uploading them to, editing them, adding interactive hotspots to those videos using SamsungVR’s interactive manager, and then publishing that experience for the world to see in Gear VR.

PhoneCast VR:
Integrating Apps to Stream them on Gear VR

Samsung PhoneCast VR lets you stream Android apps onto the Gear VR’s 200-inch virtual screen. Learn how to use PhoneCast and integrate your apps to be used with the Gear VR!

Gear 360 SDK:
Creating Apps that Capture Immersive 360 Content

Come learn how you can leverage the Gear 360 SDK to create apps that capture fully immersive 360 video and images. All Android and iOS developers welcome!

Samsung DeX:
Optimizing Mobile Apps for Desktop Environments

Samsung DeX extends the functionality of a mobile device to a desktop environment. Developers will learn how to optimize their Android apps for the next generation of Samsung devices with enhanced interactions, desktop mode capabilities and an overall amplified in-app experience.

Samsung Internet:
Web Payments – Making Better Online Shopping Experiences

Join us as we show you how to create a web storefront, using the new Web Payment API to enable one-touch payment with Samsung Pay. We will also show you how to use push notifications to re-engage users.

Samsung Internet:
WebVR – Getting Started with Virtual Reality on the Web

Create immersive, web-based virtual reality experiences with WebVR. Join us to learn how you can make your own WebVR app using HTML and the A-frame library, and try it out instantly on a Gear VR headset!

Samsung Pass:
Implementing Biometric Authentication

Learn the basics of Samsung Pass, Samsung’s new venture into biometric security. We will teach you to enable different forms of biometric authentication, such as iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.

Samsung Health:
Create Health Dashboard Apps and Connect with Samsung Health

Keep your body fit and healthy! Join us as Samsung Health showcases its new Android SDK, which enables your app to connect with Samsung Health to securely manage user health data in a unified interface. You will also get exclusive early access to Samsung Health’s newest Server SDK, which gives you access to Samsung Health’s server data to help you develop an app that provides detailed health data, including daily step count, diet and exercise.

Sound Camp:
Create a Virtual Instrument Application

We will be showcasing the new Samsung Professional Audio SDK. Learn to create virtual instrument apps, audio effectors, and audio interfaces. Also learn to share data between each of your Android audio apps with low latency.

Automating IoT devices with SmartApps

Join us to learn the basics of SmartApps, using the new SmartThings API. SmartApps allow developers to integrate and automate IoT devices to make every home smart. You will learn how the new SmartApp programming model works, and build an example that automates devices based on environmental data.